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Nature is an Artist

A celebration of nature and art, this book is for kids who love to draw and create. A captivating picture book that fosters an appreciation for nature and features craft ideas to inspire young artists.

Publish Date: May 17, 2022

Greystone Kids

Illustrator: Natalia colombo


Nature is an Artist explores different art forms that kids can find in the natural world. In the book, a group of children follow Nature--the most inspiring of teachers--as they discover the world's greatest art show hidden in plain sight. As they witness beautiful landscapes, stunning vistas, and unusual creatures, each child is inspired to recreate their own fine work of art.

With charming, rhythmic text and vivid, eye-catching illustrations from Natalia Colombo, Nature is an Artist celebrates nature's beauty and variety, and instills kids with:

  • the confidence to see themselves as artists!

  • respect and appreciation for nature (after reading, kids will appreciate the art in their own outdoor surroundings).

Read Nature is an Artist to inspire your young reader to fingerprint bumblebees, sculptures made out of sand, rainbow coloured jars, and more!

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"A vibrant, cheerful story extolling the ease and joys of artistic adventure .A solid debut suited to early elementary classrooms, outdoor programs, and caregivers seeking approachable craft inspiration." -Kit Ballenger, Booklist

"Written in a poetic format, [Nature is an Artist] celebrates art as a treasure and keepsake and Nature is the mentor and inspiration ... Highly Recommended"-Elizabeth Brown, Canadian Review of Materials

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